Our Certificates:


While producing certified organic products, it does not adversely affect our health, as there are no harmful chemicals and chemical residues. Studies conducted in the USA have revealed that 60% of “herbicides”, 90% of “fungides” and 30% of “insecticides” have a potentially carcinogenic effect in these harmful substances. Internationally certified organic products are also important for environmental health. There are no substances contrary to nature in organic agriculture, air and water are not polluted with harmful chemicals. Reliable implementation of Organic-Ecological Agriculture can only be possible with continuous and effective control. Every link in the process starting from the soil where the agricultural product is grown, to the product obtained at harvest, to the storage, packaging and sale of this product should be inspected according to international regulations and norms. International inspection bodies have undertaken this task in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world, and they have been authorized to issue certificates only to companies that produce in accordance with these regulations and norms, as a result of continuous and comprehensive controls. In other words, there is a guarantee that only products certified by these companies are produced with organic-ecological agriculture. Elite Naturel products have been audited and certified according to the standards brought by our organic certificates by Kiwa BCS Audit and Certification Services, the international German inspection organization.