Customer Satisfaction

Dear Customer,


As Elite Naturel family, our all products are certified in accordance with organic agriculture and organic production standards and are produced without added sugar, additives, chemicals or preservatives. We are pleased to serve you with the self-confidence that this production process gives and our understanding of “from seed to product”.


At our factory, production is performed as untouched by human hands from beginning to end and each product is individually checked and approved. However, sometimes products are exposed to external factors during transportation and delivery or in the stores where the products are distributed. You can follow the following steps to minimize this problem in your next purchases:


  • Do not buy products with a leaking or swollen cap button.
  • Check if there is any leak or odor in the bottle.
  • Our bottles may take an impact in the store as they are made of glass. Check the bottle for cracks due to the impact at the store.
  • If you think there is a problem with the product you have purchased, you can take a clear photograph of the product numbers on the cap, the bottle and parts of the bottle/cap with a problem, and send it by e-mail to or by direct message to com/elitenaturelorganic. Afterwards, you can go to the store where you purchased the product and return the damaged product with the receipt.


Your health and the world we live in are valuable to us. We collect your all wishes, demands, suggestions and problems in our Elite Naturel product development pool in order to offer you better service. Thank you for the detailed information you gave as well as your understanding, and choosing a healthy life.


Sincere regards

Elite Natural Family